LOL LIGO! BICEP2! STRING THEORY! THE MULTIVERSE! 2017 Physics Graduate School Classes at Major Research Institutions: How to Generate Fake News with Fake Signals, Cosmic Dust, and Noise 101; Ridding the World of God and Science of Falsifiability: The Big Picture 203; Gaining Tenure, Titles, and Funding by Brownnosing Senior Failed Scientists 104; Ten Quick Tips for Becoming a Multiverse Millionaire Maniac 107.

Let’s face it folks.

All the big money in physics is tied up in fakery, forgery, falsehoods, many worlds hoaxes, multiverse mania, and Sean Carroll raging against both falsifiability and God.  One reason why you never, ever hear anyone criticizing Sean Carroll is that their career would be destroyed.  Today physicists advance by brownnosing those who advanced by brown-nosing the failed string theorists and failed inflationists and failed BICEP2/LIGO “smoking gun” hoaxsters, like MT.

While Einstein, Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, Galileo, and Copernicus all embraced Truth, God, Falsifiability, and Empirical Observation, the new Emporers have no need for such antiquated notions.

And thus, Today’s grad school catalogs at major institutions read thusly:

2017 Physics Graduate School Classes at Major Research Institutions:

How to Generate Fake News with Fake Signals, Cosmic Dust, and Noise 101.

Advanced Clickbait Technique combining Failed Cliches for New Life 301.

How Fake Experiments and Noise (BICEP2/LIGO) Can be Used to Test and Prove Fake Theories (Inflation/String Theory) for Tenure, Titles, and Cash Prizes

Ridding the World of God, Science, and Falsifiability: The Big Picture 203.

Gaining Tenure, Titles, and Funding by Brown-nosing Senior Failed Scientists 104.

Becoming a Multiverse Multi-Millionaire Maniac 107.

How to Get String Theorists to Fund Your Philosophy–Getting Rid of Empiricism 103.

Generating Clickbait Headlines for Fun and Profit. 201

Leveraging to Create a Media Firestorm around Your Fake Science 201

Science Journalism 108: Why Useful Idiots are more Useful to Big Science than Actual Scientists 207

Faking Data for Billion-Dollar Experiments 108

The Art of Gaining Tenure, Titles, and Funding before Your Fakery is Exposed 108

Advanced Crackpottery: The Art of Gaining the Nobel Prize in Physics before Your Fakery is Detected 401

Lisi 101 How to Get Smolin to fund and hype your surfer-boi theory of everything

The Woit Conjecture: How to Become a Professional, Lifelong Critic of Failed Theories by Keeping the Theories Alive As Long as Possible

The Measurement Problem:  How to raise millions for absurdity so that you can measure your worth as being greater than those with less money.

Feminist Physics: Writing Fake Quantum Gravity Papers for Postdoc Funding and Attention

How to Create Youtube Videos and Animations to Drive Traffic and Augment Funding 203

Getting Your University to Release the Perfect Clickbait Press Release with All the Right LIGO/multiverse/string theory buzzwords. 207

Flipping the Script on Science 207: How to brand True Scientists as crackpots, while branding vast, groupthink crackpottery as true science.

The Cosmic Bluff: Faking data and results with a straight face 203

Duplicating the String Theory Miracle: A half-century of billions in funding for failed scientsts and groupthinkers 403

String Theory Dreams: How to sustain a false theory lacking actual postualtes, principles, equations, and predictions for a hundred years 402

Science Communications 107: How to present the false results with extraordinary fanfare and hype so as to secure millions–what we can learn from BICEP2 and LIGO.

How Falsifiability, God, Truth, Empirical Observation and Honor stalled science from Aristotle to Einstein 107

How Sean Carroll is Replacing both Science and God 107 (Course includes field trips to lavish “Boltzman Brains” multiverse conferences in Aspen, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Stockholm, and Tokyo)





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