Fake News & Fake LIGO Physics! Way Overhyped LIGO Results Shown to be Noise: The LIGO “Chirp” sound was actually a “Burp” or “Fart.” To remedy the LIGO problems, Sean Carroll demands we get rid of Falsifiability.


Gizmodo reports: I reached out to Salvatore Vitale at MIT who works at LIGO as well to see if the new paper holds any water. “No,” he said, “they screwed up basic things,” listing some specifics of their analysis. The LIGO collaboration ultimately responded via physicist Sean Carroll’s popular blog (To remedy the dire LIGO & BICEP2/String Theory/Multiverse/Inlfation situation, Sean Carroll demands we get rid of Falsifiability.), Preposterous Universe, in a guest post by postdoctoral physicist Ian Harry, which you can read here.***

***Update 6/23/2017 10:21PM: Salvatore Vitale asked us to remove his quotation from the story because he felt the writer was misleading about his intentions when obtaining information over email. We declined due to editorial policy, however the writer regrets this misunderstanding. We offered Vitale an opportunity to provide a statement on the matter.  —http://gizmodo.com/controversial-new-gravitational-waves-paper-shows-scien-1796343357

LOL LIGO!!! 🙂 Gizmodo gotchya!!!!


Fascinating article here–an honest response to the snarky LIGO team response to the original callout:



Figure 3: Top panels: The Hanford (blue) and Livingston (red) records and their residuals after subtraction of the respective templates before (left) and after (right) shifting the Livingston record by 7 ms and inverting it. Bottom panel: The cross-correlation C(t,τ,w)C(t,τ,w) for the noise records as a function of the time delay ττ for various time records as indicated in the legend.

They conclude:

It would appear that the 7 ms time delay associated with the GW150914 signal is also an intrinsic property of the noise. The purpose in having two independent detectors is precisely to ensure that, after sufficient cleaning, the only genuine correlations between them will be due to gravitational wave effects. The results presented here suggest this level of cleaning has not yet been obtained and that the identification of the GW events needs to be re-evaluated with a more careful consideration of noise properties.

Can the LIGO project be saved?


In a brilliant and highly-innovative display of his supremely towering intellect, which denies God alongside empirical evidence, Sean Carroll is demanding that we retire the idea of falsifiability in the scientific realm, thusly saving LIGO from the silly noise considerations.



In a world where scientific theories often sound bizarre and counter to everyday intuition, and where a wide variety of nonsense aspires to be recognized as “scientific,” it’s important to be able to separate science from non-science—what philosophers call “the demarcation problem.” Karl Popper famously suggested the criterion of “falsifiability”—a theory is scientific if it makes clear predictions that can be unambiguously falsified.

LOL LIGO!  No wonder LIGO is teaming up with Carroll to defend the noise! 🙂


When Carroll rids the world of falsifiability and God, then shall LIGO’s burp’s and Seans farts sound like Chirps!


LOL LIGO!!  You fooled us all!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWqhUANNFXw



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