Ligo Noise: Yes it was all just noise. How The LIGO Team is Foundationally Dishonest, just like BICEP2, the Multiverse Maniacs, and String Theorists. LOL LIGO! LIGO provides the public intentionally misleading and wrong tutorials! LOL!


Was It All Just Noise? Independent Analysis Casts Doubt On LIGO’s Detections


When the Danish group found that the same noise was found in both detectors, thusly completely undermining the whole reason for there being two detectors in the first place, the LIGO team defended their fakey finding by stating that the tutorials they share with the public regarding how to analyze the data are WRONG:

A major shortcoming of the Danish group’s analysis that they pointed out to me is that the Danes use methods based on tutorials from the LIGO Website, but these methods do not reach the quality standard of the – more intricate – data analysis that was used to obtain the published results.

LOL LIGO!  Why not provide the public with tutorials that aren’t wrong?

All the big money is tied up in failure.  Fake experiments (BICEP2) “prove” fake theories (INFLATION).

The only way to advance as “a physicist” these days is to pledge one’s life to serving BIG SCIENCE hype, lies, and deceit over simple truth and beauty.  Today “Physicists” are chosen for their ability to  reject exalted evidence, common sense, and observation, while exalting in lies and hype.  Foundations and the government wire the multimillionaire multiverse maniacs millions of dollars from the taxpayer and investors, and grad students and postdocs advance in proprortion to their ability to regurgitate the lies and follow the gorupthink programs of farcical failure.

And so we get LIGO.

Now it appears that LIGO is exalting in the same FAKE SCIENCE:

How Uncertain Are LIGO’s First Gravitational Wave Detections?

Over the past 15 years, reports have come out claiming:

  • the Universe was reionized twice in the earliest stages,
  • that the spectrum of density fluctuations indicated that slow-roll inflation was wrong,
  • that neutrinos moved faster than light,
  • and that the polarization of light from the cosmic microwave background showed evidence for gravitational waves from inflation.

These results were incredible, revolutionary, and wrong. And they had something in common: they were all based on data that was analyzed incorrectly.

And too, like LIGO, they all resulted in billions of more dollars of funding, tenure for dozens of “physicists”, and millions of dollars of clickbait fodder for all the useful idiot “journalists”, who, by the very nature of their lack of aptitude and degrees in science, are far more useful to BIG SCIENCE than actual honest scientists are.

Strange Noise in Gravitational-Wave Data Sparks Debate

An ability to insert a secret fake injection is part of LIGO for training purposes. LIGO PRL paper does not explain how they ruled out such an unauthorized injection. It seems no one is motivated to rigorously examine how LIGO ruled out that possibility.

The noise in LIGO’s two detectors being correlated is, unfortunately, consistent with it being a fake injection!




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